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Double Chin or Turkey Neck Got You Down?

Posted September 13, 2023

Embarassed by a DOUBLE CHIN or TURKEY NECK? Here are your solutions: Are you frustrated with the appearance of a double chin or a sagging neck, commonly known as a turkey neck? You’re not alone. Many individuals experience these aging concerns, and the good news is that effective solutions are available. Patients like you are […]

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Introducing ImageLift DEEP!

Posted September 08, 2023

The Deep ImageLift is our best-in-class lifting procedure with the greatest amount of results and longevity. Compared to other lifts – the Deep ImageLift extensively targets the face’s “Deep Plane” to provide more comprehensive facial rejuvenation by repositioning and adjusting the deeper layers of the face, including the muscles and deeper ligaments. This technique allows […]

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How To Take Care Of Your Investment

Posted June 09, 2023

Invest in YOU! After you make the decision to invest in yourself, it is so important to take care of that investment. We touched on this in our last blog post, but let’s dive deeper! The five key ways to protect your investment parallel what you can do for prevention in the first place:  Observe […]

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IMAGELIFT® Tampa Welcomes Jennifer Gold, PA-C As Master Injector

Posted October 08, 2021

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY Contact: IMAGELIFT® Phone: (813) 463 – 9245 Email: IMAGELIFT® Tampa Welcomes Jennifer Gold, PA-C As Master Injector IMAGELIFT® Tampa is pleased to welcome Jennifer Gold, PA-C to our team. Specializing in Aesthetic Medicine, Jennifer is a Master Injector of dermal fillers and neuromodulators (Wrinkle Relaxers), as well as an expert in laser […]

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Our Face Ages In Three Main Ways

Posted December 10, 2017

Understanding how the face ages. The best way to create a more youthful appearance is to really understand how the face ages. Simply put, we age in three main ways. Once you understand this, you can predict and guide all recommendations that facial plastic surgeons make. These three ways we age in the face are: […]

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How long do the results of a procedure last?

Posted December 10, 2017

Do facelifts last forever? When it comes to facelifting procedures, keep in mind that no one can predict the exact longevity of a facelift. You may get 44,000 miles out of a tire, but things are different with the face. Many factors contribute to aging the face. Weight gain, weight loss, genetics, sun exposure, smoke […]

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Scientific Summit 2017 Photos

Posted September 19, 2017

Hi everyone! Just a quick message to share that I just got back from Chicago after speaking at the Scientific Summit 2017 event! It was a blast connecting with friends and colleagues. I got to take some great pics, too – Check out the gallery below to see who I ran into! I shared my […]

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The Right Time to Have a Cosmetic Treatment is NOW

Posted January 10, 2017

“When is the right time to have work done?” Patients often ask, “When is the right time to have work done? I don’t want to start too early, and I don’t want to wait until it is too late!!!” The truth is, if you see an area that you need improvement in (tired eyes, wrinkled […]

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Your Face = Your Feelings

Posted January 04, 2017

What Story Does Your Face Tell? “Would you say we live in a visual society? Or does age or appearance make a difference in our relationships or workplace?” —Rich Castellano, M.D. We don’t do facelifts – we do ImageLifts. Consider that a “facelift” can many things. Most often, people associate this with a clinical term. […]

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16 Essential Questions To Ask Yourself & Your Plastic Surgeon

Posted December 14, 2016

Are you ready to embark on your journey? Taking the first step can seem like the hardest part. We’ve made it simple by providing you with a few questions below. We’ve compiled a list of questions that you might want to ask your surgeon prior to facial plastic surgery. Also, and more importantly, some questions […]

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