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Dysport® in Tampa & The Villages, FL

By Dr. Richard Castellano, Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

For patients seeking an alternative to Botox®, Dysport® is an effective wrinkle relaxer with unique benefits that may be worth considering. At ImageLift®, Dr. Castellano offers Dysport® and other injectable treatments to the residents of Tampa Bay. With locations in Tampa and The Villages, we’re proud to serve the residents of St. Pete, Avilla, Ocala and the surrounding areas of Central Florida.

Dysport® in Tampa and The Villages, FL

What is Dysport®?

Dysport® is an injectable wrinkle relaxer like Botox®, Xeomin® and other neurotoxin treatments. It uses the botulinum toxin to relax facial muscles and soften wrinkles caused by facial expressions. This allows patients to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and even prevent them from worsening.

Dysport® is effective for addressing concerns that include:

  • Forehead lines
  • Frown lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Bunny lines
  • Perioral lines
  • Gummy smiles

What Makes Dysport® Unique?

The key difference between Dysport® and other neuromodulators is the smaller size of the protein molecules. This allows Dysport® to begin working more quickly after injection. Most patients start to see results within 2-3 days rather than the 5-7 days typically required for Botox® and similar treatments. Dysport® also tends to spread slightly further from the injection site, which can be beneficial in some treatment areas.

What Should I Do Before Dysport® Treatment?

Dysport® requires little preparation, but we do recommend avoiding the following substances for 72 hours prior to treatment:

  • Retin-A
  • Blood thinners
  • Muscle relaxants
  • Fish or oils rich in omega 3
  • Allergy medication
  • Topical steroids
  • Sleep medications and supplements
  • Aspirin
  • John’s Wort
  • Supplements containing Vitamin E
  • Ibuprofen

This helps to minimize bruising, bleeding, and discomfort. Additionally, we recommend scheduling a consultation with Dr. Rich Castellano of ImageLift® to ensure that Dysport® is a good fit for you.

What is the Dysport® Procedure Like?

Your Dysport® treatment will begin with the application of a topical anesthetic, which numbs the skin to minimize any discomfort that may occur during the injection process. Then, one of our master injectors will use a fine needle to inject Dysport® into the desired treatment areas. The location and number of these injections will depend on the areas being treated and your desired results. The Dysport® treatment typically takes less than 45 minutes, making it a quick and convenient treatment for anyone with a busy schedule.

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What Happens After Dysport® Treatment?

There is no required downtime after Dysport® injections. Some common side effects like redness, swelling, and bruising at the injection sites usually resolve within a few hours to days. We recommend limiting exercise on the day of treatment to minimize the chance of side effects, but otherwise, you’ll be able to resume your normal activities immediately after your visit.

How Soon Will I See Results from Dysport®?

Dysport® begins working immediately upon injection, and thanks to its unique formulation, it works a bit faster than other injectables in its category. You may notice improvements in lines and wrinkles as soon as 2-4 days after treatment. Still, it can take as long as two weeks for the full results to become visible. This happens once the muscles have fully relaxed in response to the Dysport® formula.

How Long Will the Results from Dysport® Last?

The results of Dysport® last approximately 3-4 months on average, but the exact timeline can vary by patient. One of the many benefits of injectable treatments is that you can schedule a quick and easy touch-up treatment to prolong your results if you notice that they are starting to fade.

How Do I Get Started With Dysport®?

To get started with Dysport®, contact us today to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Castellano and determine if Dysport® is right for you. We’ll customize a treatment plan to help you achieve your aesthetic goals and answer any questions you might have. ImageLift® has office locations in The Villages and Tampa, Florida, where we welcome patients from Marion Oaks, Davis Island, Hyde Park and the surrounding areas of Tampa Bay.