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The ImageLift™ Facelift

By Dr. Richard Castellano, Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

Our customized ImageLift offer a more complete approach to minimally invasive face lifting procedures. Our lifts take into consideration your unique anatomy and goals to offer beautifully natural face lifting results. Each procedure is completed by Dr. Richard Castellano, a Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon with over 17 years of expertise. Trust that each patient is offered the utmost care and consideration at each step of their journey with us.

Profile view of older woman with defined cheek bones

What is the ImageLift™ FaceLift?

The ImageLift™ Facelift is our signature minimally invasive face lifting procedure. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia in combination with relaxation medication – No need to “go-under” or extensive post-procedure recovery! The ImageLift™ Facelift creates beautifully natural results, while maintining patient safety.

We offer the ImageLift™ in three levels of result to best address each patients unique goals: Mini-ImageLift, Mid-ImageLift, The ImageLift.

ImageLift™ FAQ:

All of our sugical procedures are done under local-anesthsia! So no need to ever go “under” for any of our treatments. Additionally, we offer a number of relaxation medications to ease discomfort and nerves during treatment. Patient safety and comfort is one of our core principles here at ImageLift.

Our ImageLifts have 3 total incision points. For each ear there is an incision that runs along the tragus, under the earlobe and behind the ear. This placement ensures that the scar is well hidden. The last incision is located just under the chin.

While scarring is just as unique as each individual person. Our expert team will asses your skins individual needs to minimize scarring.

Our minimally invasive treatments allow patients to continue their daily routines within just a few days! Typically healing can be anywhere from 4-10 days on average.

ImageLift™ FaceLift Types:

The Mini-ImageLift:

The Mini-ImageLift is ideal for patients seeking improvement specifically in the lower face and those not concerned with excess skin under the chin. This procedure is performed by tightening the muscle and eliminating sagging skin on the lower face. Laser Lipolysis provides internal tightening of facial tissues to provide a sculpted and lifted appearance. The patient should expect a softening of jowls, smile lines, and contouring of the jawline. The Mini-ImageLift does not include the treatment of the platysma bands – Necklines.

Best for patients who want: Just want to treat the lower face (jowls, smile lines, jawline) and are not concerned with excess skin under the chin. This treatment is ideal for those interested in getting ahead of future aging changes at a lower price tag. Often best for younger patients who are just starting to see signs of aging.

Social Downtime: 4-7 days

The Mid-ImageLift

The Mid-ImageLift is a slightly more involved procedure and tightens similarly to the mini lift, but to a greater degree. The main difference is that the Mid-ImageLift also tightens the skin around the middle of the neck, where you often see hanging or drooping of the muscle bands. Those muscle bands are called the platysma muscles, and they continue to sag and droop as we age (try looking in the mirror and flexing your neck muscles in the front to demonstrate). The Mid ImageLift tightens in two directions; the skin is pulled back towards the ears and towards the midline of the neck, like a corset. When this is tightened, you’ll see a more significant result as compared to the Mini-ImageLift. Patients should expect a softening of jowls, smile lines, contouring of the jawline, and improvement of the upper neck (Including platysma bands).

Best for patients who want: More improvement of the lower face, jawline, and neck bands but are still concerned with price. This treatment is ideal for those with slightly more significant aging changes or are interested in further preventing future aging changes.

Social Downtime: 7-10 days

The ImageLift

The ImageLift is our signature procedure with the greatest amount of results and longevity. Similar to the Mid-Imagelift, a small incision is made along the tragus of the ear following the natural curvature of this area. The incision will run under the earlobe and behind the ear, to ensure minimal visibility of the scar once fully healed. Once the incision is made the skin is pulled taught from ear to ear, like a corset, to lift the face. Through the use of Laser Lipolysis, we tighten the internal facial tissues to strengthen the muscle, providing a further sculpted and lifted appearance. Additionally, the signature ImageLift will provide a comprehensive treatment of the platysma bands (neck bands). Patients should expect an overall tightening and sculpting of the lower and mid-face, as well as a complete rejuvenation of the neck. The ImageLift provides the most complete treatment for aging changes, with beautifully natural results.

Best for patients who want: The longest lasting and most complete result for lower face, mid-face, and neck rejuvenation. This is our Gold Standard for Facelifting procedures and offers the most beautifully natural results.

Social Downtime: 7-10 days

Male ImageLift FaceLift

Men’s ImageLift is our customized male facelift procedure, which offers a more complete approach to minimally invasive lifting procedures that enhance masculine features. This lift takes into consideration your unique anatomy to offer a natural result. Special consideration is taken for the placement of incisions, to preserve facial hair and reduce scarring for those with shorter haircuts.


Best for patients who want: The longest lasting and most complete result for masculine rejuvenation. Entirely natural results that focus on lifting, tightening and contouring masculine features.


Social Downtime: 7-10 days


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