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Tampa Plastic Surgeon Dr. Rich Castellano




Liquid Lifts

With a liquid lift, the patient receives multiple injections of dermal fillers, which help restore facial fullness and volume for a more youthful appearance, while reducing wrinkles and sagging. The beauty of this procedure is that there is no downtime and you can often get it done in one session! The results will not be as dramatic as a surgical lifting procedure, and are best suited for patients with mild sagging.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty (Filler Nose job)

Non-surgical rhinoplasties (also known as “filler nose jobs”) are an alternative to the traditional surgical rhinoplasty. It is a great treatment choice for anyone wanting to disguise small humps, raise a flat bridge, or make your nose more symmetrical. We can achieve the look of surgery with just permanent filler.

Laser Treatments


Intense Pulsed Light, or an IPL treatment, uses the power of broadband light to improve the appearance of sunspots, rosacea, age spots, and pigmentation. It uses powerful bursts of light, which are filtered to exclude any harmful wavelengths (such as ultraviolet waves), and kept within the appropriate range to heat up and eliminate targeted cells. Unlike other light therapies, particularly those done with lasers, IPL causes minimal damage to the skin. This method of skin rejuvenation is safe, with minimal downtime. Although many patients report visible improvement after just one treatment, clinicians typically recommend 2–5 IPL sessions (spaced four weeks apart) for general skin rejuvenation. If treating severe skin damage or discoloration, as many as ten treatments may be needed.

ClearLift Laser

ClearLift Laser utilizes a powerful Pixel-Q-Switch laser – it reaches the deepest layers of skin to treat imperfections and stimulate collagen production. This non-ablative skin resurfacing treatment is painless, safe, and fast. Sessions last as little as 20 minutes with no downtime! Patients love it for treating fine lines, wrinkles, decreasing pore size, pigmentation and more! If you want to lift and rejuvenate your face, neck, chest, etc. without plastic surgery or injection methods – ClearLift may be right for you!