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Tampa Plastic Surgeon Dr. Rich Castellano



Post Op Blepharoplasty

What does an eyelid surgery look like after one week? Watch our periscope broadcasts, we have viewers from around the world viewing into our practice! Hear their questions and comments, and see for yourself what it is like to have high quality plastic surgery!

Take a peek into our practice with this video of a Medium ImageLift operation from start to finish!

In this video:

01:55 – Dr. Castellano’s Intro

02:50 – Numbing Medicine

03:45 – Procedure Start (Mild Operative Content)

05:30 – Eyelids (Mild Operative Content)

08:13 – Procedure Completed

09:10 – Michal’s Unveiling to Friends

11:16 – Michal’s Husband Keith Comments

12:18 – Before and After Pictures