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How To Take Care Of Your Investment

Posted June 09, 2023

Invest in YOU! After you make the decision to invest in yourself, it is so important to take care of that investment. We touched on this in our last blog post, but let’s dive deeper! The five key ways to protect your investment parallel what you can do for prevention in the first place:  Observe […]

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A Walk-Through of Your Facelift: Everything You Should Know

Posted June 07, 2023

Let’s start at square one. “What is a facelift?”, “Do I need a facelift?”, “Is a facelift the best option for the results I’m wanting to achieve?” these are all questions you should answer before making your decision. Cosmetic treatments are an investment in yourself, and you should be 100% confident in your decision. ImageLift […]

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Stop Wrinkles in Their Tracks With Preventative Botox

Posted November 23, 2020

If only you could freeze time and stay youthful. Oh wait, you can with preventative botox! Here’s what you need to know about using botox to prevent wrinkles Nonsurgical cosmetic procedures, like Botox, are all the rage. Last year alone in the United States, Botox injections were given 7.23 million times. Are you feeling like […]

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Scientific Summit 2017 Photos

Posted September 19, 2017

Hi everyone! Just a quick message to share that I just got back from Chicago after speaking at the Scientific Summit 2017 event! It was a blast connecting with friends and colleagues. I got to take some great pics, too – Check out the gallery below to see who I ran into! I shared my […]

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Bullet Proof Smile

Posted October 13, 2016

How Smiling Helped Me to Remove a Bullet This was not a typical day in the office! My friend and fellow physician Dr. Frederick asked for help. He needed my assistance to remove a bullet from a patient who had been shot multiple times and narrowly escaped death. This man had undergone surgery 6 months […]

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Winter Blues? Face Winter With a Smile

Posted February 01, 2016

Face Winter With A Smile! After the holiday rush subsides, many people are left battling the winter blues.  Are you one of the 10 million Americans who experience seasonal depression?  Many report feelings of sadness and despair…after all, winter is often associated with death, isolation, cold, etc. But even if you are feeling as dreary and […]

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10 Ways to Get in Shape this Summer

Posted June 08, 2015

10 Ways To Get In Shape This Summer! With summer right around the corner, everyone is beginning the race to get in shape. This season, the ImageLift™ team would like to encourage you to be your best self, inside and out! These 10 easy and fun tips will keep you healthy and smiling all summer long. […]

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Do You Have a Case of the Tuesdays?

Posted March 27, 2015

Happy Tuesday! Many people find the beginning of the work week to be stressful, especially after a long, relaxing weekend. While many admit to having the ‘Monday Blues,’ studies show that Tuesday at 11:45am is actually the most stressful time of the work week. The ImageLift team is here to help! We compiled a list […]

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ImageLift -Valentine’s Day Advice

Posted February 10, 2015

Happy (Almost) Valentine’s Day!   Ah Valentine’s Day…the most divisive of all holidays.   For some, it is the happiest and most romantic day of the year. For others, it is a day that brings anxiety and stress. Whichever side you are on, the ImageLift™ team and I wanted to give you some Valentine’s Day advice. Unsure […]

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The Smiling Game

Posted January 27, 2015

So I have a question for you… Have you ever noticed how many (or how few) people are smiling around you? Or how often YOU smile through the course of a day? When I ask people what they think, they have a tendency to over estimate.  The number of people smiling at any given time […]

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