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Smile Analysis

Posted June 16, 2016

Top 5 Things Your Smile Says About You A smile is one of the most crucial aspects of an individual’s personality. While a smile may seem like a simple gesture and facial expression, your smile actually says a lot about you and your character. A smile can be the window into a person’s inner self, allowing […]

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CASE STUDY: Life Saving Smiles

Posted June 03, 2016

Saving Lives with a Smile It is incredible how much smiling can have an impact on both yourself and those around you. Smiling is known to improve a person’s mood and attitude, while also spreading happiness to others. A person who smiles regularly experiences many emotional and physiological benefits, including lower blood pressure and stress […]

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Winter Blues? Face Winter With a Smile

Posted February 01, 2016

Face Winter With A Smile! After the holiday rush subsides, many people are left battling the winter blues.  Are you one of the 10 million Americans who experience seasonal depression?  Many report feelings of sadness and despair…after all, winter is often associated with death, isolation, cold, etc. But even if you are feeling as dreary and […]

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The Smile Score. What’s Yours?

Posted December 08, 2015

What is your Smile Score? If a plastic surgeon or cosmetic physician does a consultation with a patient and they are unable to get the patient to genuinely smile throughout the entire consultation… What do you think the likelihood is that the patient will smile after they have the best cosmetic treatment? Most would agree […]

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ImageLift is Ahead of the Curve! Google Glass

Posted May 11, 2015

Ahead of the Curve! Last year ImageLift became one of the first healthcare providers to use Google Glass.  Although this sparked a lot of curiosity from consumers and medical professionals at the time, many people remained skeptical. They told me Google Glass was a fad and a distraction and there were many articles written bashing the new […]

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When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Posted March 13, 2015

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us! Millions across the US will become Irish for the day and feast on Corned Beef and Cabbage, drinking as much beer as possible.  The celebration, still sacred to Irish Catholics, has become a popular secular holiday characterized by story-telling and public intoxication. The 33 million US residents claiming Irish ancestry are nearly seven times […]

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The Power of Laser Lipolysis

Posted June 17, 2014

Facelifts aren’t for everyone. Fortunately, ImageLift™ offers non-surgical and minimally invasive facial treatments to give a boost to sagging skin on your face and neck. Laser lipolysis, also referred to as laser light tightening under the skin, is a highly effective treatment for the removal and tightening of unsightly fatty tissues. This technology is one […]

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Fox 35 News Story – ImageLift – Google Glass

Posted June 05, 2014

Updated 2/08/20: broken link removed. ImageLift was recently featured on Fox 35 News out of Orlando. Fox 35 stopped by to discuss the latest uses of Google Glass and how doctors are now adopting this new technology for medical procedures. Be sure to watch the video above and read the full article here! *A special […]

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3D Printing Repairs Victim’s Face

Posted May 16, 2014

At ImageLift, we take a very active interest in knowing the latest advancements in technology when it comes to treating our patients and giving them the look that they desire. We wonder what the future will bring when it comes to new treatment options. Even our own Dr. Castellano is utilizing the latest in technology […]

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Fox 13 – Google Glass

Posted May 05, 2014

ImageLift was recently featured on Fox 13 News. Dr. Castellano was featured in a news story about the use of Google Glass and how it is helping doctors. Be sure to watch the video below and read the full article here! TAMPA (FOX 13) – How we capture fun, family moments is changing thanks to some […]

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