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Introducing ImageLift DEEP!

Posted September 08, 2023 in ImageLift™
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The Deep ImageLift is our best-in-class lifting procedure with the greatest amount of results and longevity. Compared to other lifts – the Deep ImageLift extensively targets the face’s “Deep Plane” to provide more comprehensive facial rejuvenation by repositioning and adjusting the deeper layers of the face, including the muscles and deeper ligaments. This technique allows for more significant and longer-lasting results, because it repositions not only the skin but also the underlying support structures of the face, such as the SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) layer. By adjusting these deeper structures, it can more effectively rejuvenate and define the midface, jawline, and neck areas.

Dr. Castellano ImageLift® Plastic Surgery Tampa

All ImageLift procedures use a small, inconspicuous incision along the natural creases of the ear (around the  tragus and the natural curvature of the ear. The incision will run under the earlobe and behind the ear, to ensure minimal visibility. Once the incision is made, the muscle layer is tightened like a corset, to lift the face. This is not a thread lift that only tightens skin. Excess skin is redraped and removed. Through the use of Laser Lipolysis, we sculpt fatty tissue and use heat energy to tighten the skin, providing a further sculpted and lifted appearance. Additionally, the Deep ImageLift will provide a comprehensive treatment of the platysma bands (neck bands). Patients should expect a more complete rejuvenation of the neck. The Deep ImageLift provides the most complete, longest-lasting treatment for aging changes, with beautifully natural results. Of course, individual results, expectations, and healing vary from person to person, based on health history, age, genetics, and level of self-care.

This is not a traditional deep plane facelift, where it is common to remove glands or muscles. Our patients prefer to leave these vital structures intact because they serve a function in the body.  We purposefully avoid an extreme or overdone appearance. At IMAGELIFT, we believe maintaining both the natural functionality of the face and an authentic appearance is crucial. No matter the lift – we preserve essential glands and muscles. 

All of our ImageLifts are performed in-office using local anesthesia and gentle numbing only (no general anesthesia, no IV sedation, no hospitalization required!), so surgery is safer and requires less downtime. 

Most patients say we are easier than the dentists’ office!

Best for patients who want: The most improvement and longest-lasting result for lower face, mid-face, and neck rejuvenation. To book your FREE consultation click here!