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Tampa plastic surgeon shares philosophy of looking more youthful

Posted February 02, 2011 in Face Lift Advice
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It’s important to have a twinkle in your wrinkle! Author Unknown

As a Tampa plastic surgeon, I want to share with you a philosophy of looking younger.

Married for 40 years-Ed and Mary

Married for 40 years, Ed and Mary are very much still in love with one another. I ask them their secret for staying married for so long. Ed easily answers, “Mary makes it so easy, she is such a wonderful and beautiful person.” You can tell that Ed knows just how to hit the spot for Mary, and he makes her smile like a little girl. They are perfect for one another, and they are an inspiration to all married couples.

So now they are both in our office wanting to look more youthful. Many women help out their husbands with fashion, hairstyles, and grooming. It just so happens that Ed is bald, so Mary doesn’t really help much with his hairstyle. However, as far as fashion and grooming goes, this trend of women helping out their husbands actually extends to cosmetic procedures and treatments as well. Mary was eager to discuss her neckline that she wanted to improve upon, and her consultation for a lift and laser treatment of the face was straightforward. After we finished Mary’s consultation, we began to discuss Ed’s concerns.

So, I asked Ed what his goals are. He turned to Mary and said, “Honey, what are your goals?” She pointed out his ‘turkey neck’ and jowl line, and Ed said, “that sounds good to me!” Mary chose a small lift with liposuction of the neck and jowl line, while Ed chose a medium lift to help get more improvement with his profile.

Ed is an interesting person as a former politician of a local city. He called me over to ask a personal question, “Come here, let me ask you something… Does your mother know you are out of the house? You better get home soon, it looks like it may rain outside!” He punctuates his jokes with a hearty laugh and a slap on my shoulder. I embrace the fact that I look young for my age, and there are worse things than that to be made fun of. I take it all in stride.

Both Mary and Ed did very well with their procedures. Mary was very pleased with her result. I asked Ed if he was happy, and he turned to Mary, “Mary, are you happy with the result?” Her reply, “I love it, it is a big improvement!” Ed turned to me and says, “I love it!” It gives a whole new meaning to the words, “Yes Dear.”