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Oscar® Nominees and Actors as Examples of Facial Plastic Surgery “Gone Right”

Posted February 21, 2011 in Newsroom, Press Release
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Local facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Richard Castellano, M.D., offers examples of good celebrity plastic surgery on some of the 2011 Academy Award actors

Tampa, FL (February 21, 2011) – Hollywood’s brightest stars will hit the red carpet on Sunday, February 27th, for the 83rd Academy Awards in hopes of taking home the movie industry’s most coveted prize, the Oscar®. As the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences works to appeal to a younger audience (the broadcast’s median age in 2009 was 49.5, according to AdAge), many of the Oscar® nominees have either admitted to, or are suspected of, seeking out facial plastic surgery and fillers to look more youthful and stay relevant in the industry. Ready to share which of the nominees’ procedures look best is Tampa board certified facial plastic surgeon, Richard D. Castellano, M.D., who has performed over 2,500 facial plastic surgery procedures aking him one of the most experienced facial plastic surgeons in the United States today.

Of the 2011 Oscar® Nominees, the following may have either admitted to or are suspected of going under the knife (or needle). Dr. Castellano, who has not treated these patients, believes these male and female actors are great examples of facial plastic “gone right.”

NOSE JOBS (Rhinoplasty):

  • Natalie Portman (nominated for best Actress in a Leading Role in “Black Swan”) is
    suspected of having a nose job. According to Dr. Castellano, “Looking at a progression of
    Ms. Portman’s images, it is very possible she has had a rhinoplasty and, if so, her results
    look great. Her earlier images seem to show a broader nose, which is now more refined and
  • Nicole Kidman (also nominated for best Actress in a Leading Role in “Rabbit Hole”) has
    admitting to using Botox, among other unnamed “things,” says US Magazine. “Ms. Kidman
    has been noted to overdo it a bit,” admits Dr. Castellano, “but I would still say that her filler
    work can often look good.”
  • Anne Hathaway (2011 Oscar® ceremony host) is reported to have been offered cosmetic
    surgery, such as a nose job and even fillers, but claims to have refused. “I would agree. She
    looks very natural. Although, she is still in her twentys, so perhaps she’ll be drawn to subtle
    cosmetic procedures as she ages,” says Dr. Castellano.


  • Helena Bonham Carter‐ (nominated for best Actress in a Supporting Role in “The King’s
    Speech”) claims to never have used any fillers, like Botox, and has been reported as saying
    “I might have the only wrinkled forehead in Hollywood,” according to
    Dr. Castellano believes this to be true, saying “In recent close up shots of Ms. Bonham
    Carter, it would appear that she has not utilized fillers to correct the common signs of
    aging, such as forehead wrinkles and laugh lines.”
  • Mila Kunis (nominated for a Golden Globe and SAG award for her work in “Black Swan”) is
    suspected of having several surgeries. “Ms. Kunis is said to have undergone a breat
    augmentation and a nose job, both of which I think were done very well and appear to be
    very natural,” explains Dr. Castellano. “I would vote that her procedures are excellent
    examples of plastic surgery done well.”