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Regardless if you live in a tropical climate or one where the seasons are sharply delineated, there are changes the ImageLift™ medical team recommends incorporating into your skin care regimen depending on the time of year.

In fact, we’ve got several simple suggestions to keep you looking your best all year round while making season-specific adjustments!

  1. We had a client who used her garbage pick-up schedule to remind her it was a day to exfoliate! When she woke up and saw the empty trash cans in front of her home twice a week, those were the days she would exfoliate. It’s funny and it makes a whole lot of sense; it gave her regime consistency!
  2. With the cooler and colder months approaching we recommend using more cream based cleaners and shower soaps instead of gel-based ones; they’re a bit more indulgent on drier skin.
  3. Use sunscreen despite the season or your length of exposure
  4. Even though we’re all about necks and faces, many may argue feet are pretty important too. Be “sandal-ready” regardless of the time of year. A good pedicure does much more than enhance your toenail color; it keeps your nails trimmed and healthy and makes you conscious of foot care while keeping them smooth and soft.
  5. Moisturizers – There’s an infinite variety of them on the market; get recommendations on the ones that work best for your skin type and use them – day and night.
  • Make sure your day cream has the SPF factor you require and that your night cream addresses your unique
  • needsUse a rich cream on your body when you step from the bath; it will lock in moisture
  • Buy a decorative pump bottle for your nightstand and fill it with your favorite rich hand cream to indulge in before you go to sleep
  • Keep hand sanitizer and hand cream in your briefcase or car. After you leave a meeting and a round of hand shaking you can sanitize and moisturize.
  • During the colder months you may want to use a cuticle oil to target their care between manicures

While the age of your skin and the condition it’s in is always a consideration; winter, spring, summer and fall puts different types of wear and tear on your precious skin.