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Your skin is a living, breathing organ. Unless you’ve experienced any kind of dermatological issues that affect your health or well-being, it sort of gets taken for granted. It is also hard to be objective about your skin and its changes; because you live in it! Environmental conditions, a host of over-the-counter products and the summer sun can take their toil whether you readily observe them or not.

As we roll into fall, it is time to take stock and work on reversing the harsh damage and drying effects from all the fun in the sun, be they visible or invisible…

While over-the-counter products have become more sophisticated, we always recommend a consultation with a board-certified physician for a complete selection of products designed to work together.

For the summer time, as vigilant as you are about using your sunscreen (and nothing should stop you from using it!) sunscreen clogs your pores. Therefore, using a Glycolic acid product can restore your face’s luster; remove clogging and dead cells and help to plump up fine lines. An antioxidant solution can go a long way in working to address those sun-induced free radicals. A pharmaceutical-grade skin lightening cream with hydroquinone to bleach any patches of unwanted color and fade those newly acquired brown spots can be a nice finishing touch! In addition to a hearty moisturizer, pamper the sensitive areas under the eyes and your lips with super-rich emollient eye cream and lip balm.

We still recommend you use that faithful sunscreen every day and you will want to keep up with the effects of the summer season while warding off any new damage. Put your best face forward!