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Do You Have a Case of the Tuesdays?

Posted March 27, 2015 in Health & Wellness
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case of the tuesdays illustration

Happy Tuesday!

Many people find the beginning of the work week to be stressful, especially after a long, relaxing weekend.

While many admit to having the ‘Monday Blues,’ studies show that Tuesday at 11:45am is actually the most stressful time of the work week.

The ImageLift team is here to help!

We compiled a list of the best tension-relief tips to help you cruise through the day and keep on smiling throughout the week.

Backshot of a man holding his ears

Tuesday Tension Relief Tips:

1. Give yourself a Quick Ear Massage

It sounds funny but it is a great way to release endorphins! Start by closing your eyes and dropping your shoulders. Use your thumb and index finger to squeeze the outer edges of your ear from the lobes to the top. Finish by massaging the temples just above your ears and your neck behind your ears. Pressure to these areas change the blood flow and relieves tension.

photo of foods rich in carbs

2. Eat a Mood-Boosting Food

Go ahead and eat those chips!  Researchers believe that carbs may promote the production of serotonin, the “feel-good” chemical.  Check out this site for other mood-boosting snack ideas.


3. Take a Ten Minute Walk

Need to clear your head?  A walk is a great stress relief activity.  In fact, almost any form of exercise is a natural stress-reducer because the physical activity boosts endorphins in the brain.


4. Get a Stress-Busting Mantra

So often the little voice in our head fills us with self-doubt by saying things like “I’m not smart enough!” or “That’s stupid!” Enough with the negative self talk! Try something positive for a change. Check out the Huffington Post’s Stress-Busting Mantras here.

bubble bath

5. Take a Hot Bath

A soothing, hot bath can relieve muscle tension and calm your mind.  Add some lavender oil for a luxurious and relaxing aroma therapy soak.

feet in grass

6. Take Your Shoes Off

Go ahead and rub your stocking feet on the carpet or bare feet in the grass.  Stimulation to these nerve endings have been known to have a calming affect.  Also, it just feels good!


7. Do Something Creative

Often crafts involve repetitive motions (knitting, sewing, crocheting, etc.) The fine motor skills used for these activities can soothe anxiety.

sing and dance

8. Sing or Dance

Music and stress relief go hand-in-hand.  Singing and dancing is an outlet for emotional expression.


9. Drink More Water

This sounds too easy and simple to be true but drinking is closely linked to stress reduction.  Because all of your organs need h20 to function, water depletion will cause your body stress.  Check out the Web MD explanation here.


Your smile is one of the healthiest exercises your body can perform!

10. SMILE!!!!

Did you realize that numerous research studies and scientific articles from Harvard, JAMA, and scientists from across the world have proven that your smile can lower your blood pressure, relieve stress, boost your mood, get more out of relationships, and release endorphins? Those five are free. Your smile is one of the healthiest exercises your body can perform!