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Are you considering a consultation with an Artist to help restore your most precious masterpiece? Your face deserves nothing but the best. Read on to learn how facial enhancements can be done smartly with great results!

Let’s start with injectables and fillers. They are popular for a variety of reasons, and they serve as a great introduction to the world of facial cosmetic surgery. While decisions about any of these procedures require an assessment by a board certified cosmetic surgeon, these relatively simpler methods are also an excellent means of enhancing your appearance and restoring youthful vitality.

Besides the opportunity to experience the confident difference, injectables offer a beautiful list of benefits:

  • The cost is reasonable
  • There is no recovery time beyond minor swelling and little or no bruising
  • The effects can be almost immediate
  • The results can last for several months or several years depending on the product chosen

Although the market is flooded with a selection of products — injectables and dermal fillers fall into two categories for two different types of facial conditions. This is primarily because facial creases fall into two categories: dynamic and static.

Wrinkles are considered static if they are the result of sagging due to the natural loss of elasticity of aging skin. Older skin also loses moisture, so sagging and facial hollows are the result. For this condition, a dermal filler that offers a plumping effect would be used to restore the appearance.

The types of wrinkles considered to be dynamic are the ones also known as “laugh lines” and crow’s feet and they appear over time after years of smiling and frowning. To treat these kinds of creases, an injectable in the Botox family would be used. These products block the nerve signals so the muscles do not contract.

Whether filler is used to pump up the volume in sagging areas, or an injectable like a Botox erases those lines that define your brow, it’s a common misconception that these shots can be administered by just anyone. The fact is: the placement, the quantity of product, the type of injectable or filler and even the depth of the injection makes a tremendous difference and is something only a board certified facial cosmetic surgeon should control. In the right hands, you can look spectacular.