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Cosmetic Surgery: Face the Facts

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From real estate to jet skis we don’t think twice about using Google to research products we’re considering for purchase. However, with so much data at our fingertips the amount of information you find when you Google “facial cosmetic surgeon” or even the word “Botox” is simply overwhelming. The problem with too much information is that it’s difficult to discern what’s most important. While a jet ski can be brought back to the store if it doesn’t perform as promised, cosmetic surgery isn’t returnable.

Surgical procedures for the face have become very sophisticated, (they’re less intrusive and require less recovery time), but they’re still surgical procedures and carry the same caveats as any kind of surgery. Therefore, your best defense is to research and confirm the qualifications of the professional.

The first place to start is to make sure your plastic surgeon is board certified. Only specialized education and employment of ethical standards truly qualifies a doctor to engage in these practices.

No matter how efficient today’s procedures have become, you need to entrust your face to a medical professional who has the in-depth knowledge and expertise to ensure that you are given the absolute best care.

If you’re considering improving the face you show to the world, start the process by understanding the qualifications of a reputable professional who will counsel and care for you. Being able to transform your appearance is a wonderful opportunity afforded by modern medicine; but it’s the appropriate certifications that will protect your health and long-term happiness.