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Winter Blues? Face Winter With a Smile

Posted February 01, 2016 in Health & Wellness, ImageLift™
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Face Winter With A Smile!

Dr. Castellano ImageLift® Plastic Surgery Tampa

After the holiday rush subsides, many people are left battling the winter blues.  Are you one of the 10 million Americans who experience seasonal depression?  Many report feelings of sadness and despair…after all, winter is often associated with death, isolation, cold, etc.

But even if you are feeling as dreary and grey as the weather, you can take a proactive approach to your emotions this winter.

The Smile Prescription may help!

A recent study out of Penn State University discovered that adults who maintain cheerfulness throughout the winter months as well as the daily stresses of life have overall better physical and mental health.  Since the act of smiling has been proven to make us more cheerful, it’s best to face winter with a smile!

…But when we are feeling down, smiling is the last thing on our minds.
If you are in a slump and feeling far from “smiley,” here is what the Doctor orders:
Dr. Castellano ImageLift® Plastic Surgery Tampa

1. Remind yourself to be more aware of who is and is not smiling.

2. Consider who in your life needs to smile and laugh more?

3. Research has proven the power of smiling. Are you using this to your advantage or disadvantage?

4. What are your reasons for wanting to smile more?Dr. Castellano ImageLift® Plastic Surgery Tampa

5. Be prepared to have a lot less stress, more fun, and greater successes!

6. Take the Smile Challenge with your Smile Buddy!

…Want to learn more about the power of smiling?  Get the full scoop by getting a copy of my new book The Smile Prescription. It is guaranteed to be one of the most important books you will read in your life!

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Here is another thing to smile about Dr. Castellano ImageLift® Plastic Surgery Tampa

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That’s right! No Charge!

Anyone can come and ask me about their problem areas or concerns about plastic surgery.

You would think giving away my advice for free would be bad for business but the opposite is true.  My true passion is to help patients in every way.  Usually in ways they never expect.