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What is a facelift procedure?

Posted February 02, 2011 in Face Lift Advice
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A facelift procedure is a medical treatment that removes wrinkles and makes a person look younger. So how do you make sense of all the different types of lifts out there? There is a “This Kind of Lift” and a “That Kind of Lift,” so what is the difference? Keep in mind, you will make two major decisions when you are researching and distinguishing between various face-lifting procedures. One decision you will make is the size of the lift. Almost all face-lifting procedures fall into one of three categories: either a small, medium or large, and we will explain that further. However, the most important decision you will make is choosing the correct surgeon to perform your procedure!

Not all facial plastic surgeons are created equal. Surgeons are like artists in that there are dozens ways to make a masterpiece, and there is no right or wrong way to create art. So, it follows that you should choose an artist (or a surgeon) that has created a lot of masterpieces, has gotten good results, and has a great track record of success. The most important thing you will choose is the right artist for your face. Refer to Chapter 4 to hear more about this.

Once you have chosen your surgeon, you need to understand if the procedure you are choosing is a small, medium, or large lifting procedure. Saying you had a facelift done is like saying you did landscaping to your house. It could mean that you just did very little or that you went overboard and redid everything. So, there are more conservative or more aggressive choices you can make in regard to your procedure. Despite all of the different claims and nuances amongst face-lifting procedures, most will fit into one the categories of small, medium or large.