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What facelifts do we offer?

Posted April 12, 2024 in Face Lift Questions Answered
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We have something for everyone when it comes to our facelifts. Our customized ImageLifts offer a more complete approach to minimally invasive face lifting procedures. They take into consideration your unique anatomy and goals to offer beautiful, 100% natural looking results. We offer five variations of ImageLifts: the Mini-, the Mid-, the Men’s, the ImageLift, and the Deep.


The Mini-ImageLift is often best for younger patients who are just starting to see signs of aging. This procedure is performed by tightening the muscle and eliminating sagging skin in the lower face. Laser Lipolysis provides internal tightening of facial tissues to provide a sculpted and lifted appearance. The patient should expect a softening of jowls, smile lines, and contouring of the jawline; however, it does not include the treatment of the platysma bands – necklines. This treatment has a social downtime of 4-7 days and is ideal for those interested in getting ahead of future aging changes at a lower price tag.


The Mid-ImageLift is a slightly more involved procedure compared to the mini-lift. The main difference is that the Mid-ImageLift also tightens the skin around the middle of the neck, where you often see hanging or drooping of the muscle bands. Those muscle bands are called the platysma muscles, and they continue to sag and droop as we age. The Mid-ImageLift tightens in two directions; the skin is pulled back towards the ears and towards the midline of the neck, like a corset. Patients should expect a social downtime of 7-10 days and a softening of jowls, smile lines, contouring of the jawline, and improvement of the upper neck (including platysma bands). This treatment is ideal for those with slightly more significant aging changes or those interested in further preventing future aging changes.

The ImageLift

The ImageLift is our signature procedure. Similar to the Mid-Imagelift, a small incision is made along the tragus of the ear following the natural curvature of this area. The incision runs under the earlobe and behind the ear to ensure minimal visibility of the scar once fully healed. The skin is then pulled taught from ear to ear, like a corset, to lift the face. Through the use of Laser Lipolysis, we tighten the internal facial tissues to strengthen the muscle, providing a further sculpted and lifted appearance. The signature ImageLift also provides a comprehensive treatment of the platysma bands (neck bands). Patients should expect 7-10 days of social downtime and an overall tightening and sculpting of the lower and mid-face, as well as a complete rejuvenation of the neck. The ImageLift provides the most complete treatment for aging changes, with beautifully natural results.

Deep ImageLift

The Deep ImageLift is our best-in-class lifting procedure with the greatest amount of results and longevity. It extensively targets the face’s “Deep Plane” to provide more comprehensive facial rejuvenation by repositioning and adjusting the deeper layers of the face, including the muscles and deeper ligaments. This technique allows for more significant and longer-lasting results, because it repositions not only the skin but also the underlying support structures of the face. This is not a traditional deep plane facelift, where it is common to remove glands or muscles. Our patients prefer to leave these vital structures intact because they serve a function in the body. We purposefully avoid an extreme or overdone appearance. Patients should expect 7-10 days of social downtime. The Deep ImageLift provides the most complete, longest-lasting treatment for aging changes, with beautifully natural results. 

Men’s ImageLift

Our Men’s ImageLift is a customized male facelift procedure, which offers a more complete approach to minimally invasive lifting procedures that enhance masculine features. This lift takes into consideration your unique anatomy to offer a natural result. Special consideration is taken for the placement of incisions, to preserve facial hair and reduce scarring for those with shorter haircuts. Patients should expect a downtime of 7-10 days followed by entirely natural results that focus on lifting, tightening and contouring masculine features.

We offer a wide variety of facelift options as well as add-ons to create a customized plan just for you. Every decision is made with your goals in mind during your consultation! Click here to get on our schedule and speak with our specially trained care advisors today!