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The Resilience Ratio

Posted October 18, 2023 in The Smile Prescription, Uncategorized
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Imagine you’re a coach training for a big game. You need strength, strategy, and stamina, right? But what if you push your team so hard they end up exhausted or injured before the match? That’s no good!

Life’s just like that. Sure, the world plays tough, and we need to lace up our boots tight for the challenges. But, being *constantly* tough on ourselves? That’s like a coach who’s all whistle and no water breaks. We risk burning out or, even with a trophy in our hands, just never feeling like winners.

Ever known someone who’s super hard on themselves? Or maybe that’s you, pushing yourself to 8, 9, or even a full 10 on the toughness scale? Here’s the thing: aiming for 10/10 in toughness isn’t just exhausting; it’s inhuman. Nobody should coach a team like that, especially not your own life’s team.

So, what’s the game plan? I challenge you to this 21 day exercise!

Exercise: Kindness Kick-off

1. Self-Score Session: First, grab a pen and paper. Mark down just how tough you are on yourself, from 0 (all chill) to 10 (super harsh). Be honest; it’s just you watching the replay here.

2. Reality Replay: Think of the last time you were hard on yourself. Write down what happened like you’re a sports commentator. What was the play? How did you react? Was there a yellow card you handed to yourself?

3. Switching Sides: Now, imagine someone you care about was in that same play. If they made that mistake or faced that challenge, what would you say to them? Write down your ‘pep talk.’

4. Mirror Match: Time for a playback! Read that pep talk but now pretend it’s for you. Sounds different, right? That’s your new game voice! 

5. Daily Drills: Every morning, think of one thing you’d tell a teammate to encourage them. Then, make sure you say it to yourself, too. Practice this for 21 days straight to solidify your new coaching style.

Remember, the goal isn’t to drop our standards, but to learn the tactics of a great coach: firm but fair, challenging but caring. That’s how we win at life!