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The Technology of Facial Plastic Surgery…What’s Changed?

Posted December 09, 2013 in Face Lift Tampa FL
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Did you know the first known plastic surgery in the United States was performed in 1827? Dr. John Peter Mettauer was responsible for performing the first cleft palate operation in the New World with instruments he designed himself. From general advances in the medical field to new technology and materials, facial plastic surgery is much more refined and patient oriented then it was years ago. Gone are the old methods of very painful and invasive procedures, for the arrival of modern and effective new treatments.

All of these developments have greatly benefited the world of cosmetic surgery. The introduction of anesthesia, for example, made many more procedures possible, with pain no longer being a barrier to perform surgeries on a patient. The arrival and adaptation of laser technology allowed physicians to use different laser intensities and levels of penetration to meet the patient’s unique needs. Another recent innovation is the use of radiofrequency to remove damaged tissue from the face; allowing the new skin to regenerate, creating a softer, smoother look.

New tools have also given surgeons new methods to perform procedures. Endoscopes allow surgeons to make smaller incisions to reduce the amount of scarring and recovery time. These new tools and others, have helped surgeons increase performance and cause less trauma to the patient.

Over time, facial plastic surgery has also changed based upon the demands of the clientele. Many people have been looking for minimally invasive procedures with little down time and significant results, causing facial plastic surgeons to approach client’s needs using new techniques and modified procedures. New procedures and products have been created over the years to give patients the look they desire, without the hassle of needed surgery. Fillers, laser treatments, and new medical products (such as; Pro+TherapyMD® or Obagi®) have been designed to provide patents with non-surgical options to look and feel younger.

At ImageLift, you have the expertise of our double board certified plastic surgeons to use the latest technology, techniques, and materials to fulfill our patient’s desires. Here is to facial plastic surgery then, now, and the future!