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Lucky You | Our 2024 March Specials Are Here

Posted March 01, 2024 in ImageLift™

We’re starting this month in the best way – new March specials! You’ll feel really lucky after seeing our offers this month. “Feeling Lucky” Buy 1, Get 1 FREE wrinkle relaxers Neuromodulators also commonly referred to as ‘Wrinkle Relaxers’ are a form of facial injectables used to treat wrinkles, fine lines, facial sculpting, and more! […]

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Combating the Stigma: How Facial Plastic Surgery Can Boost Self-Confidence

Posted February 28, 2024 in Self image

In the past, facial plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements were a very taboo topic. Nowadays, beauty standards play a significant role in how we view ourselves and how others view us. People who are dissatisfied with their facial features or feel as though your appearance doesn’t measure up to today’s standards can experience a knock […]

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Social Media’s Influence on Facial Plastic Surgery Trends

Posted February 26, 2024 in Health & Wellness

In today’s day and age, social media has taken over, especially in the beauty industry. One area where social media’s influence is almost palpable is facial plastic surgery. Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and X have completely changed society’s perception of beauty, shifting trends and cosmetic preferences. Social Media’s Impact on Beauty Standards How has […]

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Addressing Common Misconceptions About Plastic Surgery

Posted February 23, 2024 in Face Lift Questions Answered

Plastic surgery has always been a controversial topic plagued by curiosity, speculation, and misunderstanding. It’s important to address and dismiss misconceptions surrounding plastic surgery considering its prominence in today’s society. I’m here to shed some light on and dispel five common myths about plastic surgery! Myth 1: Plastic Surgery Is Only for Vanity One of […]

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Breaking the Myth: True Beauty Isn’t Created, It’s a State of Mind

Posted February 21, 2024 in Self image

This might seem like an odd topic coming from a Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, but, it’s true! We are living in a time where beauty standards dictate much of our lives, so it’s imperative to challenge the belief that we should recreate or modify ourselves to mold to current “beauty standards.” I specialize […]

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Meet Dr. Rich Castellano + Exclusive Offers

Posted February 19, 2024 in Richard Castellano

We’re so happy that you’ve made the decision to invest in YOURSELF! Whether you’ve been thinking about this for one year, five years, ten years, or even if you’re still on the fence, we’re glad you’re here. We’re here to help you become the most confident version of yourself! We want to help you look […]

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Love Your Look! Tips for Choosing the Right Facial Plastic Surgeon

Posted February 14, 2024 in Face Lift Advice

Facial plastic surgery isn’t just about aesthetics, and deciding to undergo a procedure is not to be taken lightly. Regardless of whether you’re going through with a full facelift or smaller procedures, facial surgery results profoundly impact your appearance and self-confidence. Your face is the most visible part of your body, so you want someone […]

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How to Look at Your Face: You’re Doing it Wrong!

Posted February 12, 2024 in Health & Wellness

Your face. It’s not just a canvas for makeup or a template for Instagram likes. It’s a dynamic, expressive part of you that communicates to others, experiences the world, and elicits emotional responses. But here’s the rub: many of us are looking at our faces all wrong, agonizing over minute details that others hardly notice. […]

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A Walk-Through of Your Facelift: Everything You Should Know

Posted January 10, 2024 in ImageLift™

Let’s start at square one. “What is a facelift?”, “Do I need a facelift?”, “Is a facelift the best option for the results I’m wanting to achieve?” these are all questions you should answer before making your decision. Cosmetic treatments are an investment in yourself, and you should be 100% confident in your decision. ImageLift […]

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