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It’s that time of year again…

Posted September 14, 2016 in SmileQ, Uncategorized
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School Picture Day Smiles!
Picture day is always a fun an exciting time for students.  They get to leave class, dress in something special, and show off those pearly whites! But with so many kids getting their getting pics snapped, the photographer’s attention to detail is often compromised.  A lot can go wrong in the short timeframe allotted for each student. Closed eyes, goofy smile, and messy hair are just some of the stumbling blocks that may get in the way.  

Never fear! Getting the best school pictures is easy once you know the tricks of the trade

shutterstock_2374286Here are 5 tips for the perfect picture day smile:

1. Smile with your eyes

Activating your eyes when you smile is the best way to avoid looking fake.  A real smile radiates authenticity and shows in your eyes because your eye muscles contract.  This kind of smile is sometimes called “squinching” or as Tyra Banks says, “smizing.” The fancy scientific name for the genuine smile (using the eyes) is called a duchenne smile and the fake smile is called “Non-duchenne.”

2. Practice your pose and smile in the mirror 

This may sounds a bit cheesy but practice makes perfect and smiling is no exception. Look into the mirror and practice what looks best so that it feels natural. Try angling your head slightly up and down. You may find your smile looks better in one angle than another.

3. Wear something you feel confident and truly happy in

Wearing something uncomfortable often shows on a person’s face. Instead, try something that makes you feel confident and happy. You will be relaxed and calm when the photo is snapped and your smile will show it.

4. Think of something funny

Right before the picture is snapped, think of something hilarious.  It could be a joke,  a story you heard or just something funny your friend said last week during class.  Laughing on the inside will show on your smile outside.

5. Don’t Sweat it
The most important thing is to be yourself and to have fun. After all, it is just a yearbook photo.  You can always do retakes or call and have them take your photo out if you don’t like it.


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