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How Our Faces Age Pt. 2

Posted December 26, 2022 in Uncategorized
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As we age, the face loses volume like a deflating balloon. The tissues sag, and we lose bone volume of the skull and mandible, or jawbone. Hollowed eyes, sunken cheeks, or depressions around the mouth are all the “skeletonizing” signs of aging. In some cases, it appears that we can see the skull more clearly as our face loses volume.

One of the most attractive things you can do to your face is SMILE. Go ahead, Smile! Now what happens? Can you see the volume of your cheeks fi ll up as you smile? Feels good, doesn’t it? Almost everyone can benefit from a little more volume in his or her cheeks or face. The many options available for replenishing facial volume (which we will discuss later in the addendum – don’t go there now, the best material is here!):
• Temporary fi llers
• Semi-permanent fillers
• Permanent fi llers
• Fat-grafting

Look in a mirror and Smile! See how that volume in your cheeks makes you look younger? It is like a FREE facelift. ALSO, do you notice how it makes you feel better to smile? Now you must do this twenty times a day, and keep a record of this (you only have nineteen more to go). Tell your family and friends that you are doing a fun experiment. After you have done this for one week, notice how it makes you feel better. Do enough of this and you will understand how ImageLift patients can feel on a daily basis. One word of
caution, please do not overdose on smiling, because excessive happiness may lead to a more fulfilling life. Consider yourself warned.

Sagging of the Tissues

Tightening and removing excess skin is one of the most common things that ImageLift does to improve a patient’s facial appearance. As we all fight against gravity, it continues to pull down on the tissues in the cheeks, neck, and jowls. Weight loss, tightening the skin and muscles of the face, and removing fatty
tissues are all ways to create a more youthful appearance and combat the signs of aging.

Here’s a test – Put your hands along your jawline, touch the corners of your jawbone, and pull towards your ears. How does that look in the mirror? And, how does it make you feel?
a. If you pull once or twice a year – you are in the “thinking
about it” phase.
b. If you pull monthly – you are getting warmer.
c. If you pull weekly or daily – what are you waiting for?!?