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Other Reasons to Get Plastic Surgery

Posted December 22, 2022 in Uncategorized
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No doubt about it, people want to (and are expected to) keep up with the expectations of their relationships and today’s visual society. And yet, patients still describe many other reasons for wanting to change or enhance their appearances.

Consider the patterns we get into in life. Relationships, jobs, family – sometimes we get stuck in a pattern or expectation, and we can feel like victims of our circumstance. Society will often tell us how to act once we get to a certain age, though our goals for an increased quality of life may lead us in different directions. ImageLift is here to help you and encourage you to make an informed decision to break your pattern and get out of your rut. Don’t settle for any plastic surgeon; make sure your doctor is an artist.

Today, people don’t want to slow down as they age. They want to keep moving, continue to push their limits, and find their own paths in life, both professionally and personally. When you look younger, it is very difficult not to feel younger. Enjoying your appearance creates a higher quality of life, no doubt about it.

People yearn to break these patterns in their lives. Patterns are very helpful to us, they are efficient and effective at conserving our brain energy with the multitude of tasks we complete every day. Consider the pattern we all have when driving home. Have you ever had the experience of driving home realizing you have arrived at your destination, and not recalled how exactly you got there? And did you run any stop-lights or stop-signs or knock over any garbage cans while your brain was on cruise control? We get stuck in our patterns and they become a rut!

Here’s another good example: have you ever noticed the pattern of how we look at ourselves? Have you ever noticed how we tend to look at the same things when we see our face? Do we say the same things to ourselves, and even feel the same way when we look at our reflection? Would you say that this can be a rut? Many of our patients do.

Perhaps one of the most difficult things people will do is invest in themselves. We are so used to putting ourselves last; we are such a giving society. Charities abound, people take care of their families, and America is full of hard workers. When we take care of our families, who often gets put first, and who is put last? We may hear that voice in our heads tell us that it may be selfish to have a cosmetic treatment, or ask why we should spend this kind of money on ourselves. At ImageLift, we fully believe in giving to others, serving and supporting as much as we may. The more you do, the more you can do. Yet, can we really fill other people up when our cup is empty? If you truly want to serve others, take the time to serve yourself first.

Think very carefully about this, and consider the voice we have in our head. We often hear that voice telling us we are selfish for not spending the money on family, asking why we need such extravagances. Instead of giving into guilty feelings, consider that being selfish is being smart when you do it the right way. Our patients see ImageLift as an opportunity to invest in themselves in a way that they most appreciate. Investing in oneself is the most important reason one should elect to enhance and feel good about one’s facial appearance.