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Fox 35 News Story – ImageLift – Google Glass

Posted June 05, 2014 in ImageLift™
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Updated 2/08/20: broken link removed.
ImageLift was recently featured on Fox 35 News out of Orlando. Fox 35 stopped by to discuss the latest uses of Google Glass and how doctors are now adopting this new technology for medical procedures. Be sure to watch the video above and read the full article here! *A special thanks to Farrow PR for uploading this video for us!

Here is a sample of the article:

They’re the hottest glasses on the market, but one local doctor is using google glasses for an unexpected reason. The Tampa plastic surgeon uses his high-tech specs to help his patients.

Dianna Brim wanted a little boost so she turned to Dr. Rich Castellano.

Now, he can get a little extra help lifting, nipping and tucking by just blinking his eye.

The board certified facial plastic surgeon is one of the first in the country to use google glasses while he’s working on patients. Using the technology, we can actually see what he sees in real time.

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