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How to Look at Your Face: You’re Doing it Wrong!

Posted February 12, 2024 in Health & Wellness
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Your face. It’s not just a canvas for makeup or a template for Instagram likes. It’s a dynamic, expressive part of you that communicates to others, experiences the world, and elicits emotional responses. But here’s the rub: many of us are looking at our faces all wrong, agonizing over minute details that others hardly notice. This guide is designed to teach you the right way to view your face and discuss common mistakes, helping you enjoy it more, improve your relationships, and, if desired, make more informed choices about cosmetic treatments.

Mistake 1: Being Your Own Toughest Critic

Imagine an Olympic judge scoring a gymnast. We often do the same with our faces, tying our self-worth, confidence, and happiness to these perceived scores. But are we being fair judges? 

The Reality of Self-Judgment: Many of my patients admit they’re harsh on themselves. This “self-judging” leads to emotional poverty, even when they look great. So, how tough should we be on ourselves? Being tough might drive us to maintain standards and achieve goals, but what if we replaced this with self-love? Can we still uphold standards without being perfectionists or overly critical? Yes, we can. And we must, especially considering that being overly critical can lead to a never-ending cycle of dissatisfaction, even after cosmetic improvements.

Mistake 2: Bad Lighting and Posture

Many patients send me photos that are far from flattering – bad lighting, poor posture, unflattering angles. But here’s a secret: others rarely see us this way.

The Power of Perception: We often forget that in real life, we’re not static. We’re animated, expressive, and dynamic. Bad lighting and angles can make anyone look unflattering. Just like a newscaster under studio lights, good lighting and posture can drastically change how we appear. So, next time you look in the mirror, remember to consider these factors.

Mistake 3: Internalizing Negative Comments

We’ve all been there – a casual, perhaps well-intentioned comment about our appearance that sticks like glue in our minds.

Setting Boundaries: It’s crucial to set boundaries about what we let influence our self-perception. Not all comments are helpful or necessary. Embrace compliments, but learn to deflect negative, unproductive remarks. Remember, comments about our appearance often say more about the commentator than about us.

Mistake 4: Forgetting to Smile

A genuine smile can transform a face from ordinary to radiant. But what if you’re self-conscious about your smile?

Finding Your Genuine Smile: Here’s a trick – look in the mirror and say, “I don’t give a darn what people think about me!” The laughter that follows will bring out your natural, genuine smile. Remember, it’s not just about how the smile looks, but how it feels.

The Path to Self-Love

Once you’ve recognized these common mistakes, start to reinforce your self-image with positive affirmations. Yes, it might feel silly at first, but it’s far more productive than the negative self-talk we’re often guilty of. 

Standing Up to the Bully of Negative Self-Talk: Your reality is not everyone else’s reality. Embrace self-love, catch yourself in negative self-talk, and redirect it. As a facial expert, I can assure you that you are more critical of your face than anyone else.

Embracing Your Face, Embracing Life

By looking at our faces correctly, we open the doors to not only better self-esteem but also to more joyful and authentic interactions with the world. This approach leads to better decisions, whether in daily life or in considering cosmetic treatments. We guarantee natural results, but it starts with you following these principles.

This world needs healing, and it can start with how we view ourselves. So, give yourself the gift of looking at your face the right way. Help others do the same. Let’s make this world a better place, one person, one face, one genuine smile at a time!