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Which Lift is Best For You?

Posted March 24, 2023 in Uncategorized
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At ImageLift, we simplify the process by breaking down facelifting procedures into small, medium, and large categories. There are thousands of lifting procedures on the market, but they essentially fit into one of those three groups. What is the difference between the small, medium, and large procedures?

Dr. Castellano ImageLift® Plastic Surgery Tampa

The Mini Lift

The Mini Lift is most comparable to our Mid Lift and is performed in about one hour, depending on the surgeon. The Mini Lift brings the neck and the jowls up and back toward the ears; it can soften around the nasolabial fold and strengthen or improve the appearance of the neck and jowl line. While this is an excellent procedure and our surgeons have performed many of them, it is not for everyone. If you need more noticeable improvement than the Small ImageLift, then you may consider choosing the Medium ImageLift.

Dr. Castellano ImageLift® Plastic Surgery Tampa

The Mid Lift

The Mid Lift is a slightly more involved procedure and tightens similarly to the small lift, but to a greater degree. The main difference is that the Mid Lift also tightens the skin around the middle of the neck, where you often see hanging or drooping of the muscle bands. Those muscle bands are called the platysma muscles, and they continue to sag and droop as we age (try looking in the mirror and flexing your neck muscles in the front to demonstrate). The Medium ImageLift tightens from two directions; the skin is pulled back towards the ears and towards the midline of the neck, like a corset.
That is why it is called a corset platysmaplasty.

The muscular edges of the platysma are the bands that we see as we age. When this is tightened, there is typically a slightly more perceptible result than what the Mini Lift achieves. The Medium ImageLift can result in a better profile, though it is more of a procedure and requires more recovery time.

Dr. Castellano ImageLift® Plastic Surgery Tampa

The Image Lift

The Image Lift is comparable to a traditional facelift, where the skin is lifted from ear to ear. You can theoretically achieve greater improvement with this lift; however, you have higher risk of ending up with unnatural-looking results. This procedure tends to be more expensive (from $10,000 to $25,000 or more, depending on the surgeon). Moreover, large face lifts usually require a longer recovery period and have a greater risk for complications.

Some doctors prefer to focus on performing the large lifts, while others prefer to focus on the small. At ImageLift we do all three, depending on the goals of the patient. Our patients also differ in their expectations. Some patients say, “Just give me some improvement, keep it looking natural,
and I’ll be happy with that.” These clients tend to gravitate towards the Mini Lift.

If instead they are discouraged by their grandchildren playing with their wobbling ‘turkey neck’, the Mid Lift might be a better choice. There is no one-size-fits all when it comes to lifts, and the best approach is to customize the procedure to each patient.

What’s Next?

Determining the right procedure for you is best decided in a discussion with your doctor and Care Advisor. However it may be helpful to first reflect on what it is that you are looking to achieve. Are you interested in improving your neck, jawline, eyes, wrinkles, or all of the above? The more specific you are about your goals, the more clearly your doctor can formulate a plan that is right for you.