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Tampa Bay Embraces the Facelift Revolution

Posted September 17, 2013 in Face Lift Tampa FL, ImageLift™
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The times are changing, and as our society becomes more and more open with one another, there is no reason to keep your facelift or cosmetic procedure a secret. In fact, we’ve noticed a growing social trend in our local community that caters to, and even applauds, the conversation about recent plastic surgeries.

Let’s be honest, chances are you’ve either recently received a facelift, or you know someone in the Tampa bay area who has. Why keep your experience in the dark? You’re not the only one who wants to get rid of their wrinkles. The “hush-hush” attitude toward facelifts and other cosmetic procedures is going through a revolution, and we’re here to welcome it with open arms!

Invasive facelift surgeries that require extensive healing time, and insight the excuse of a “trip out of town for the weekend” to heal, are taking a back seat. Minimally invasive procedures, like the ImageLift facelift, laser treatments, and fillers are the latest trend in facial rejuvenation and require minimal downtime. In the Tampa bay community, women and men casually discuss their facelifts and cosmetic procedures freely, and excitedly.

Shocked? You shouldn’t be. This should come as no surprise as Americans spent $11 billion on cosmetic procedures last year alone. At ImageLift, we couldn’t be more thrilled to hear that men and women of all ages and backgrounds are getting into the conversation.

Through our patient’s testimonials and before and after photos, we can say with complete confidence that our Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Rich Castellano and Dr. Randall Weyrich, are Tampa’s leading cosmetic surgeons.

If you ever have any questions about a procedure or treatment, we have a medical concierge service to answer your questions and guide you through the treatment process. We make sure all of our patients are fully involved and aware of what is going on from step one. There are many providers in the Tampa bay area that offer facelifts, minilifts, and other cosmetic procedures, but few will give you the expert care and natural looking results you’re looking for.

Don’t wait to get the look you desire, facial rejuvenation is just a phone call away, contact us today!