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“Lucky Laser” | 10% OFF CO2 or Baby CO2 Laser

Posted March 13, 2024 in Laser Resurfacing
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Laser skin resurfacing removes layers of the surface of the skin with precision accuracy. Our laser treatments – like CO2 and Baby CO2 – allow the newly revealed skin cells to form during the healing process and result in tighter, younger-looking skin.


The CO2 laser treatment is considered to be the gold standard of skin resurfacing treatments, as it provides some of the most dramatic results in improving skin tone and texture. CO2 lasers use light energy to remove thin layers of skin tissue to eliminate imperfections and reveal brighter, healthier skin. Additionally, the CO2 laser treatment stimulates collagen and elastin production in the skin to provide further rejuvenation benefits in the months following treatment.

Baby CO2

The Baby CO2 treatment is a gentle laser treatment that uses the CO2 laser at a lower setting. Although traditional CO2 laser treatments are considered the gold standard, it can require several weeks of downtime, which some patients want to avoid. With the Baby CO2 treatment, our patients still get to enjoy improvements in complexion, lines, and wrinkles with almost no downtime. This treatment targets areas such as the neck, face, and decolletage.

This month’s special – “Lucky Laser” – provides the perfect excuse for taking the next step towards your rejuvenated appearance! During the month of March, you’ll receive 10% off either our CO2 or Baby CO2 Laser Treatments. If you’re interested, click here to schedule your consultation. To view the rest of our monthly specials, head to this link!

March 2024 Specials Disclaimer | Valid until 3/31/24 or while supplies last. To secure special, the client must complete a consult during the month of March. The service itself can be booked outside of this month.* 1 Offer Per Person. Promos cannot be combined or transferred to other patients. All Non-Surgical services are performed by Master Injectors, excluding Dr. Rich Castellano.