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Am I Getting The Right Procedure for ME?

Posted January 25, 2024 in Uncategorized
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Once you’ve done your research, found your doctor, it’s time to choose the right treatment. A good surgeon will counsel you through this process and help you pick the right procedure for your individual needs; however, the ability to walk into a consultation with an  understanding of available procedures and potential treatments will only make the process go more smoothly and help your doctor to help you to reach your expectations.

Can I Avoid Having a Facelift? 

Yes you can! Most of the natural treatments you hear about don’t work, but facial fillers and laser treatments are a great way to help people avoid a facelift. We’ve seen many amazing results for our clients here at ImageLift utilizing these techniques. Two of our most popular non-surgical treatments that have given our patients the best results are our Liquid ImageLift and Laser Lipolysis. To help determine which treatment is best for you, consider the three ways we age in the face: 

  1. Sagging of the neck, jawline, and skin around the eyes
  2. Sun damage, wrinkles, and sun spots arise on the skin 
  3. Loss of volume in the cheeks, temples, and throughout our face

Facial Fillers

The simplest way to start facial rejuvenation is often to replace the lost volume. If you plump the face artistically, it can look as if you have had a lift, and this is why it is called a liquid facelift. The best way to understand volume is to look at a picture of yourself twenty to thirty years ago. Usually, we feel the nostalgia; remember the good memories, and then that feeling of “what happened to my appearance!” creeps in. Oftentimes this inexplicable change in our face is due to the loss of volume: hollow temples, sunken cheeks, and more of a gaunt appearance. 

Although our local anesthesia Signature Lift is a great procedure for this, if you’re not ready to commit to surgery, our Liquid Lift is a great alternative to address volume replacement.

Laser Treatments

If you feel that sun-damaged skin, smoker’s lines, wrinkles, or sun spots are your main concern, then we have a variety of laser treatments that could be the best option for you! Fractional CO2 is a milder treatment that is more popular with less downtime and milder results, Traditional CO2 laser treatments improve the skin quite a bit, though they could lighten or bleach the skin too much if taken too deep. CO2 laser can be used on settings that get good improvement and lasts for years without bleaching the skin if you choose the right artist.  Erbium laser resurfacing is also another way to treat the skin, though much less popular. 

Laser Lipolysis is another non-surgical option that involves using laser energy to remove fat under the skin and create a skin-tightening effect of the neck and jowl area. Some are even using this on the cheeks and smile likes with good results. Results are more subtle with less downtime, though it is  a procedure with a few days of swelling and many years of results.

If you need more of a result than what fillers, laser resurfacing, and laser lipolysis can provide, this is when lifting comes into play. We are here to educate you, discuss your options, and give our professional recommendation to you. We want to ensure that you are 100% confident and comfortable in your decision! We are here for YOU!