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A Little Spring Refresh Never Hurt Anybody!

Posted March 20, 2024 in Self image
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Yesterday was the first day of spring! This is the time of year where nature undergoes a refreshing transformation, so it’s the perfect time to prioritize yourself and rejuvenate and refresh your appearance. Advancements in facial plastic surgery offer countless options to achieve a natural, refreshed look without overly dramatic results. Here are a few of the top trends we’re seeing this spring:

Natural Results

This trend has become more popular in recent years and continues to flourish! Many patients look for procedures and results that enhance their unique features and beauty as opposed to completely altering their facial structure. Here at ImageLift, we have a 100% natural results guarantee! We will never let you go too far.

Minimally-Invasive Procedures

For us, minimally-invasive ranges from Botox, filler, and laser treatments to our facelifts! Combining these non-surgical and surgical options guarantees amazing results and a completely rejuvenated look. Whether you’re looking to smooth wrinkles, replenish lost facial volume, or tighten sagging skin, our treatments provide a youthful boost without disrupting your spring.

Customized Treatment

Just as every flower is unique, so  are each of us and our aesthetic goals. That’s why our care advisors come up with a customized Beauty Plan just for you! Your personalized plan focuses on your goals and preferences, whether it involves combining different procedures or targeting specific areas of concern. A tailored approach allows our patients to achieve results as unique as they are!

Masseter Botox

Masseter tox has bloomed with popularity in the last few years. Although this treatment offers relief for several conditions such as teeth grinding, jaw clenching, and headaches, it also serves a cosmetic purpose by relaxing and reducing the size of the masseter muscle and slimming the face. This allows for a more prominent, enhanced jawline. Schedule a consultation with our Master Injectors here for more information!

Eye Rejuvenation

Your eyes are one of the first things people notice about you! Make sure they reflect how young and refreshed you feel on the inside. Procedures such as eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), brow lifts, and non-surgical treatments for under-eye bags and dark circles are all the rage this spring. Rejuvenating the eyes provides our patients with a brighter, more rested, and refreshed appearance.

If you’re looking for a change this spring, hop to it! Whether you’re seeking subtle enhancements or comprehensive rejuvenation, we have options to suit every aesthetic goal. Bloom with confidence this spring; schedule a consultation with us today!