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Your Facial Rejuvenation Consultation:

Facelifts, Fillers, Wrinkle Relaxers, Lasers, and More…

A consultation is an equal parts interview, learning experience, and time to see the possibilities of what cosmetic treatments can achieve for you. It’s a two-way conversation that should help you answer three big questions:

  1. Will cosmetic treatments help me achieve my goals?
  2. If so, which treatment(s) or procedure(s) are appropriate?
  3. When and how can I begin my cosmetic journey?

Our comprehensive consultations answers these questions and allows you the opportunity to learn more about the cosmetic industry. As a center of aesthetic excellence, we place education, safety, and quality results at the heart of our practice.

What to expect when booking a consultation:

1. Check-in and Confirmation:

Once you’ve submitted your request for consultation our concierge team will reach out to you to gather the following information for your patient profile:

  • General Patient Information
  • Medical History

You will receive a digital form to fill out your details or you can complete this in-person prior to your consultation.

Our concierge team will also review the requested time and date with you to ensure you receive the best appointment time for your schedule.

ImageLift Cosmetic Surgery
ImageLift Cosmetic Surgery

2. Meet with our team of experts:

After checking in for your consultation, you will meet with one of our Patient Care Advisors. Each Advisor is personally trained by our CEO and Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Richard Castellano. Along with comprehensive training from Dr. Castellano, Advisors undergo routine specialized training on the latest cosmetic treatments and safety protocols. During your private consult, you will have the opportunity to receive answers and educational resources from true experts in the industry.

To ensure you make your best cosmetic decisions, your consultation will cover the following:

  • Will cosmetic treatments help me achieve my goals?
  • If so, which treatment(s) or procedure(s) are appropriate?
  • When and how can I begin my cosmetic journey?

Bonus: You’ll learn Dr. Rich Castellano’s ABCs of Plastic Surgery – The best tool for approaching all cosmetic decisions. Plus, a free copy of his wall street journal bestseller “We Guarantee We Can Make You Look Younger”

After your consultation, you’ll receive a personalized Facial Beauty Plan! This custom plan will consider your unique goals, budget, timeline, etc. Consultations are typically 45 minutes to 1 hour in length.

3. Your Facial Beauty Plan for success!

After completing your consultation and receiving your Facial Beauty Plan, you’re ready for the next step in your facial rejuvenation journey!

Booking treatments and meeting your provider:
Once you’ve reviewed your Facial Beauty Plan with your Patient Care Advisor and decided on your treatments, our Concierge team will reach out to book the following appointments:

  • Meet the Provider Appointment: Meet one-on-one with your provider to discuss your facial beauty plan and further cover any medically related questions
  • Treatment: Receive your cosmetic treatments
  • Follow-Up Appointments: Based on your completed treatments you’ll receive follow-up appointments with our team to ensure you achieve your best results.
ImageLift Cosmetic Surgery

We are so excited to begin this journey with you!

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