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Now available at IMAGELIFT, the RHA® Collection of dynamic dermal fillers is the most advanced hyaluronic acid (HA) treatment available today. This line of designer injectable filler is the first of its kind to treat dynamic facial lines while adapting to your facial movements.

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The RHA Collection:
4 Levels
RHA Redensity | RHA 2 | RHA 3 | RHA 4
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RHA Collection: The 4 Levels

IMAGELIFT offers all 4 levels in the RHA® collection, each formulated for varying stretch and strength. The different levels are formulated to meet your unique needs depending on the progression of your wrinkle or fold development.

The first Hyaluronic Acid filler for superficial and dermal perioral injections designed to treat moderate to severe wrinkles around your lips and mouth.

Treats moderate dynamic wrinkles and lines usually found around your lips and mouth

Reduces moderate to severe wrinkles and folds around your face including the nose and mouth.

Adds volume to the contours of your face to treat severe wrinkles and folds.

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