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It’s that time of year again…

Posted September 14, 2016 in SmileQ, Uncategorized

School Picture Day Smiles! Picture day is always a fun an exciting time for students.  They get to leave class, dress in something special, and show off those pearly whites! But with so many kids getting their getting pics snapped, the photographer’s attention to detail is often compromised.  A lot can go wrong in the short […]

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Dr Rich Meets Dr Tobi – LIVE

Posted August 12, 2016 in LIVE Video, Uncategorized

Dr Rich meets Dr Tobi from Nigeria as he visits Image Lift for a day of shadowing. The importance of communication between patient and doctor is up for discussion and Dr Tobi reveals where the power of his smile comes from…. To attend an upcoming seminar with Dr Rich, just go here to find the latest […]

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Smile Analysis

Posted June 16, 2016 in ImageLift™

Top 5 Things Your Smile Says About You A smile is one of the most crucial aspects of an individual’s personality. While a smile may seem like a simple gesture and facial expression, your smile actually says a lot about you and your character. A smile can be the window into a person’s inner self, allowing […]

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CASE STUDY: Life Saving Smiles

Posted June 03, 2016 in ImageLift™

Saving Lives with a Smile It is incredible how much smiling can have an impact on both yourself and those around you. Smiling is known to improve a person’s mood and attitude, while also spreading happiness to others. A person who smiles regularly experiences many emotional and physiological benefits, including lower blood pressure and stress […]

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Mother’s Day

Posted April 15, 2016 in Uncategorized

Happy (Almost) Mother’s Day! You know what they say, when mom is happy everyone is happy. Mom’s are some of the biggest smilers around and we believe they should be celebrated every day! Check out our collection of Mother’s Day inspired articles, pictures and clippings from around the web.   1. Sprinkles Video It takes […]

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Winter Blues? Face Winter With a Smile

Posted February 01, 2016 in Health & Wellness, ImageLift™

Face Winter With A Smile! After the holiday rush subsides, many people are left battling the winter blues.  Are you one of the 10 million Americans who experience seasonal depression?  Many report feelings of sadness and despair…after all, winter is often associated with death, isolation, cold, etc. But even if you are feeling as dreary and […]

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The Smile Score. What’s Yours?

Posted December 08, 2015 in Face Lift Tampa FL, ImageLift™, Self image

What is your Smile Score? If a plastic surgeon or cosmetic physician does a consultation with a patient and they are unable to get the patient to genuinely smile throughout the entire consultation… What do you think the likelihood is that the patient will smile after they have the best cosmetic treatment? Most would agree […]

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ImageLift -Watch LIVE Surgery on Periscope!

Posted August 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

Watch LIVE Surgery on Periscope! **If you don’t know about Periscope, or if you think you are technologically challenged, I am here to give you the cliff notes on this new app because it is the future of communication. Periscope is a FREE app by Twitter that is changing the field of medicine! Periscope allows you to broadcast live video […]

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10 Things Sure to Put a SMILE on Your Face!

Posted July 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

10 Things Sure to Put a SMILE on Your Face! I talk all the time about the health benefits of smiling and the amazing effect this simple facial act has on your physical and mental well being. Smiling is like a muscle and our happiness and well being gets stronger with each grin. An experiment […]

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